Our Solution

One partner. One platform. One name to trust.

Simply Amaze-ing!

Our Solution

One partner. One platform. One name to trust.

Simply Amaze-ing!

Amaze Health’s solution is research-based, ensuring that it is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use. When working with organizations committed to partnering with their workforce to drive down the cost of healthcare, Amaze deploys the C.A.S.T. model.


Building a New Core Competency

Education is the key to developing an individual’s knowledge, skills, and self-confidence. The first step of Amaze’s engagement with any new organization is to put every employee through a formal on-boarding process. Our expert instructors go far beyond simply teaching participants how to install, configure and use the Amaze app. We also provide the education necessary to set people on the path to higher levels of empowerment by offering critical insights and lessons into how they can get the most out of the American healthcare system. Our immersive, interactive, research-based program lays down a solid foundation to build on that will empower your people (and their families) to maximize the value of every healthcare experience.

The Amaze Health app


One Integrated Mobile Application

The Amaze app is a one-stop gateway to everything your employees need to manage their own healthcare. Having one, and only one, app to refer to is vital to resolving challenges associated with awareness, adoption, utilization, and trust. The app is optimized for mobile use, with most features also being accessible through the Amaze web portal on a phone or PC.

Patient receiving help from a healthcare provider via telemedicine


Every Service Needed to Empower your Employees

The Amaze App integrates a wide variety of critical, best-in-class services, as well as any other services you offer your employees.

The features of the Amaze Health app


Intelligent, Data-Driven Triggers to Drive Patient Action

In-app triggers remind patients of the services available to them when most needed and encourages them to ask questions and get access to support.

App notification at the ER