What does PA stand for?

Patient Advocate
Patient Advisor
Physician Alternative
Patient Activation

What should it stand for? We think the answer is: Patient Partner, but that would require a change of initials.

A great way to receive Care.
A great place to work.
A great partnership between patients and their providers.

Some of my family members don't have insurance and my Nana can't easily get in to see a doctor. This app has given them access to basic medical care and given me peace of mind knowing Amaze is regularly checking in with my Nana right now when it's too risky for me to go see her in case she gets the virus.

Super easy and worked the first time after creating a profile. Tapped one button on the home screen and was connected to an actual live medical pro within seconds. I tried chatting and then an audio call. Super friendly staff and was able to get an Rx to treat my symptoms called into a pharmacy nearby. They also offer video calling. So worth the low price to have the peace of mind and instant access. The app also has tons of information videos and other useful features.

This app is a game-changer. You first have to set up an account. Then you have access to a medical provider immediately, for as long as you subscribe. It seems like this company is here for the right reason. I am impressed and will refer my friends and family! 

Amaze was founded on the principle of Patient Activation. Patient Activation is grounded in a broad body of research that tells us that patients with greater knowledge, skill and confidence to manage their own care receive better care and spend less money on it.

Amaze is designed to educate and support patients as their knowledge and confidence grows. Amaze’s providers are trained and encouraged to partner with their patient, not to merely treat them.

Key to Amaze’s strategy is to charge Advanced Practice Providers with full responsibility for the primary care of their patients and to do so in a manner that represents a partnership between patients and their provider. When the need for a physician specialist demands referral, Amaze’s providers partners with their patients, even to the point of participating in three-way meetings and phone consultations. Amaze believes that physicians who spent the better part of a decade in training should focus on delivering care that demands the extraordinary technical and scientific skills they’ve developed. Greater technical education in the field of medicine does not better qualify physicians to run businesses than any other provider.

By engaging Advanced Practice Providers (Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners) to truly partner with patients in their primary care, we can significantly reduce the cost of healthcare, increase access to qualified medical providers, and further.

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Copyright © Amaze PBC All Rights Reserved.